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So I tried to initiate some couple time today. But she seemed distracted as she usually gets. Just noticing my pores, skin, pimples etc. talk about a mood killer. This happened twice.

Maybe that’s why most couples have their alone time at night.

Frustrated, I just stop. Is it too much for me to expect some quality time? Is it too much for me to always initiate? She said she initiated earlier but I don’t see how, even after she explained.

Tried talking to her about our communication issues but that doesn’t go well, as usual. I was getting frustrated again so I went to take a nap. And woke up to her still pissed at me.

Somehow I feel like we are on two different wavelengths now.


What is the secret to marriage? Why is it so hard to keep it going? Why is it that when you are married, communication becomes so hard? Is it me? Is there something I am doing wrong?

Pick any aspect of my life right now, and I can assuredly say that I am drained there. And chances are I am draining her too. We are both so easily irritable now that we are setting each other off like a blind man in a minefield. It’s a vicious cycle to which I have no idea how to really get out of.

I need a way to recharge myself.