I am frustrated over being frustrated. ML was asking about some stuff which made me feel horrible and by the time I got home after running 1,001 errands. I just want to rest and was tired.

So, of course, I get asked some questions by the wife and my tired tone is interpreted as frustration and it makes her frustrated. How does that work? A perceived frustration rebounds and makes you frustrated? When no move was made against you, it just lashes out? No wonder men over millennia still have no clue how women think.

I am not strong enough to handle this. Which is actually what ML was talking to me about. ML wanted to whack me for considering giving up. I don’t blame them. Especially when it seems like what I am doing is taking the easy way out. Which leads to my frustration and tiredness.

And the infinity loop begins again.


So the past couple of days saw me in a real daze. I’m just going about stuff and not really focusing on things. It was only after talking with ML that perhaps its all just me. ML seemed to have cured me of my daze. My overthinking seems to have gotten in my way again.

ML really helped to improve my mood. And it scares me that I am so reliant on someone else to help me in my marriage.