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I guess I’ve always been the type of guy to focus on others first. And now it has come to bite me in my ass. It doesn’t seem like a lot of the things I do is appreciated. I know I do a lot of the “thankless” types of jobs, but I guess it chips away at me.

Maybe its that I feel invalidated as a person; that sometimes I get taken for granted. Perhaps the reason why I have urges to just disappear is because it seems just that easy. Other than my HOD and ML, no many others seem to appreciate our work. In fact, I have the feeling that we are being herded out.

Is it wrong to seek some validation? Surely not?


Considering all that has happened at work. I was actually looking forward to a little christmas celebration amongst a small group of friends at work.

I cooked from 830 to 1100pm last night. I think because these friends are some of the nicest people around. I would hate to think what what happen if I don’t work with them.

Unfortunately, as I was driving to work, I inadvertently thought about what has been going on at work. All the politics, all the bias and unfair treatment, and started to feel down about it.

My moods are swinging quite a bit. Yesterday I was quite alright, having the day to myself and just running errands.

And of course just after I first write this down I get into another accident.