It’s started to happen. She is losing her patience with me and blowing up over issues as much as I did. We hardly talk now and I am just so saddened by how things are turning out.

It’s starting to seem as though I can’t turn to ML anymore. ML is definitely frustrated at me and already pushing me towards a marriage counsellor.

I just hate that we have not resolved the matter from Saturday. It was already left stewing overnight and on Sunday we started talking about it, but that was it. It started but nothing came of it. There was no closure to it, it was just left hanging.

I am super clueless about what to do know. I feel like crying or yelling or screaming out but I can’t because I’m stuck in army.


Yesterday, I was telling her to check with the counter to check if they have skipped seating us for dinner. After which, she seemed to misunderstand the waitress’ question to here so I helped to clarify.

That was when, in a reversal of roles, she got frustrated at me and that brought me down for the whole night. The thing is that I was trying to enjoy myself. I wanted to try to have an enjoyable night. But I got totally thrown off.

I don’t know how to handle this. I want to try to fix things but I can’t.


So the past 10 days or so was spent on vacation in Sydney. I was dreading it quite a fair bit. But it was generally ok.

The latter half of it was mainly just the two of us in a mountain cabin. And something that she realized is that we don’t have much to talk about anymore. I really don’t know how to start conversations with her anymore. At least not based on any correction or frustration.

Most of the time we are just sitting with each other any half the time distracted by our phones. When she does talk to me, I somehow get irritated. How is it that I get irritated by almost every little thing she does now?

At least, I haven’t blown up much in the past week.

I am at a loss. How do I reconnect with my wife?