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Unhappy People

Why did punggol east drift away from the MIW? It is a sign that people are unhappy. Dr Gillian Koh, one of the go-to “political analysts” that the mainstream media approaches, said that the constituency is not representative of the nation. I ask what makes it representative of the nation? Are the voters not Singaporean enough? Are the voters not a sample size of the country? While one can argue that their views may not be representative of the nation, it is definitely representative of a people that are unhappy with the ruling party.

You see the government emphasising Total Defence including Social, Psychological, Military, Civil, and Economic Defence, but somehow almost all their policies seem to emphasise only the latter. This harms the Social and Psychological aspects of their Total Defence message.

If you want the population to balloon to 7 million, you cannot do it artificially through importing “talent”. You don’t fix a leaking sink by pouring more water in. You do it by making Singapore a place to call home. Then Singaporeans will stay; Singaporeans will have their families here. Then there will be an eventual increase in population. One that the national infrastructure can keep up with.

Stop with all the shortcuts. Nothing worth having comes easily.

For Better Or Worse…

Few moments in history will be recognised, beforehand, as a watershed moment, the turning point.

I lay awake right now, literally hours away from casting my first vote in the country I call home. As I browse through the slew of news that has come through since nomination day, April 27th, I see this photo album.


As I see the photographs, tears well up in my eyes. For the first time in Singapore’s recent history, I see a passion for the direction where the country is headed. Years of walkovers led me to believe that so many have grown apathetic to the governance of the country. As such many have moved away to build their homes elsewhere. But with the Internet, we know that these inner voices of dissatisfaction reside in many others. We are not alone and we are not afraid.

This statement is agnostic to political parties. Whilst many have issues with the current ruling party, there are a few in there who seek change from within. Without a doubt, change will happen.

As though preparing for a war, I know that the 8th of May 2011 will forever mark a change in Singapore’s history. No matter what the results are, it is a sign that the people have a voice and they will use it. No matter what the results are, let no one, no government that rules this country ever forget this day, the day that Singapore will be forever changed.