It’s been about 2 weeks since I have started taking St John’s Wort. It seems to help. But I can’t help still feel frustrated with how some things are.

We have started the first session of the marriage counselling. Its going to be long. I really don’t know how its going to be. She was fairly tolerant with me for about a week, after someone told her that what I was going through is expected from someone who is depressed. But it seems that after the counselling, we have gone back to arguing over everything.

It doesn’t help that I have an overbearing mother that expects me to do her bidding. regardless of the imposition on me.

I haven’t been talking to ML much about stuff because I don’t want to frustrate them. I do feel alone more though and that sucks. I do wish I could talk with ML more but ML is also tired more lately.

I am just glad that I can keep a decent enough facade in the office.