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Someone Else

You always think it will happen to anyone else. Anything that has a million to one chance of happening, will happen to someone else;except the lottery.

I have had a few friends who, for all appearances, just seemed quiet or introverted. Then I learnt that they were on medications. Medications that would help you feel good.

A lot has happened in just the last 4-5 months.
My dad passed away. In the span of 2 months, we found that my dad had diabetes, discovered stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and lost him to it.

My mother-in-law has had a relapse of schizophrenia. My sister-in-law and father-in-law are busy looking after her and are being drained. My father-in-law’s blood pressure is also raising because of lack of rest and it is also causing his work performance to suffer.

A new colleague in the workplace has resulted in a divide in our team and led to me being victimized for a small mistake and me losing my favorite part of my job. The disgruntlement that some of my colleagues and I share have made it hard for us to work effectively and will result in the organization as a whole suffering.

Miscommunication and the stress have also caused me to accidentally rear end another vehicle. Resulting in a huge dent in my wallet.

There are a slew of other things affecting me and it is weighing me down. Last Friday as I was driving home, I realized that I’m not happy. I have been feeling down and out of sorts since then.

A close friend is not surprised, saying it’s been a real terrible year for me.

Be careful of depression, it can get you before you realize it. It can happen to you. It only takes a series of unfortunate events.

Hentak Kaki

Here’s a short simple film about something all Singaporean males can understand. Army life.

The nice thing is that we see how someone seems trapped into a life where there is no way out.

“2nd Warrant Officer Teck Hong has served his entire life in the army. Now 38, he finds himself needing to make a pivotal decision, should he continue serving in the army or leave and face the harsh reality of life outside. He knows that if he continues serving, his past injuries limits his roles in the army to administrative positions, something he loathes. However, upon meeting a certain detainee at the Detention Barracks in the army, his life takes a turn.”